Black Raven Bird Crow Lamp For Décor

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The wickedly fun and uncanny unique vibe

Yeah yeah, you have got them bats, witches, spiders, ghosts, and whatnot. You have covered your lawn in a spider web. Your home door is covered with bat hangings. Your lounge represents the soul of a haunted house.

However, will it not all go to waste unless you have the perfect spooky light source to illuminate your decorations? Nah, a typical bulb will kill all your creepy spirits. But, a raven crow lamp will surely bring all there is to Halloween, dark spirits, and spooktacular vibes. Illuminate your space with the perfect glow light.

What you'll get:

  • Realistic design: This black crow lamp is carved so beautifully that it has all the details as if it's a literal bird and not a fixture.
  • Different styles to choose from: Our bird lamps come in wall-mounted and table lamp form to brighten your office and bedroom.
  • Spine-chilling décor: The black raven holding light bulb lamp illuminates the surrounding space in such a way that it portrays the look of a haunted witch house—exactly the ones you are used to seeing in scary movies. Boom, the instant you look back, there it is a hair-rising witch waiting for you. Just kidding! :p
  • Perfect for gothic style: If you are into mystical creatures, hidden spirits, and uncanny decorations, these ravens lamps are best to attach on the wall or place at your work table and bedside.
  • Great conversation starter: These bird led lights are surely going to catch the attention of your guests. They will be stunned by your unique interior light fixture.


  • Material: Resin + Iron
  • Voltage: 100V-240V
  • Crow desk lamp
  • Great for Halloween & gothic décor
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor
  • Wall-mounted, standing & sitting table light variation